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Competitive Team Information

Travel Team Field Rental Only

Note:  Field use for 13u/14u is waiting list only at this time due to field renovations.

Spain Park Youth Baseball Field Rental Process (11U-14U)

  1. Every team will be required to register online via the Travel Team Registration on the main page of
    1. There will be a $1,500 team registration fee. 
    2. During team registration, you will provide a list of top days of the week you would prefer to practice and the time slot. Practice will be assigned in a round robin format based on first come first serve. Ex. Team 1 will get their first requested day if available, Then the scheduler will look at Team 2. If the first choice for Team 2 is available, they will get that time, if not, they will get their next available choice in the priority that they submitted. This process will continue until all teams have had a selection, then the process will snake back starting with the last team to the first team. This process will continue until the schedule is complete.
      1. If a team runs out of choices, they will be assigned an available slot.
    3. Schedules will be posted by 2/1 which is when practice can begin.
    4. All Coaches will be required to complete a background check and provide the certificate to HAA.
    5. Teams are responsible for their own insurance. That policy must name Hoover Athletic Association as a named as an "additional insured" on that policy. 
      1. You can use your own policy or our insurance company has setup a link you are welcome to use for convenience. (
      2. You must email this policy to the baseball commissioner prior to being allowed to practice.
      3. Policy Minimums 
        1. Company must be A- Rated or better
        2. General Liability
          • $1,000,000Each Occurrence Limit
          • $5,000,000General Aggregate Limit (other than Products-Completed Operations)
          • $1,000,000Products Completed Operations Aggregate Limit
          • $5,000Medical Expense Limit (excludes athletic participants)
          • $1,000,000Legal Liability to Participants per Occurrence
          • $1,000,000Professional Liability per Wrongful Act
          • $1,000,000Hired & Non-Owned Automobile Coverage (Not provided while in Hawaii)
          • $1,000,000Damage to Premises Rented to You
          • $1,000,000Personal & Advertising Injury
        3. Accident Medical Coverage
          • $25,000Medical Payments for Participants - Excess, per Participant
          • $250Deductible per Claim
  2. Each player will also be required to be listed in the team registration.
  3. Spring Season: February - June
  4. Fall Season: August - October

Note: A team will not be allowed to practice until all players have registered

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