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Farm League is for 5-6 year olds, and its purpose is to introduce and continue to develop baseball fundamentals at this age. When at bat, each player gets 3 pitches from their coach to try to hit the ball, and may then use a tee to put the ball in play. Each team hits through its entire lineup each inning, regardless of number of outs made. Umpires are provided and score is kept in this league. There is also a competitive end-of-the-season tournament to determine a league champion as in older leagues. All-star teams will be selected from this league to compete in a Greater Birmingham Baseball Association (GBBA) sanctioned Post-Season Tournament, typically held at the beginning of June.

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2018 SPYB Farm League Champs!!

By HAA 05/05/2018, 10:30am CDT

Congrats to the Farm League Twins!!